Skora Tempo Review

Picked up this shoe recently in a sale. The first thing that got to me hooked was the fact that even though it is a 0 drop shoe it still has about 22mm of cushioning which makes it a good bet to pound the pavement.

The shoe gives adequate protection while running and is surprisingly light. The upper is a mesh like structure through which you can almost see your socks or feet depending on how you like to run.

I would however say that unlike other skora models this shoe is not for running without socks. The toe box is more like the Altra running shoes which is good, However its just large enough to ensure that the outer edges of your feet (especially inside ball of the feet) rubs against the mesh. This ends up with giving you a nasty blister, especially when doing runs above 10km/6miles. I have also faced blisters on the heel but that seems to go off after a few runs. This can be circumvented by either using some tape or cutting out a little bit mesh where contact is made (I find cutting my shoes a better option).

Apple Watch

Some of the reasons why the Apple watch does not work for me in its current state.

  • Battery Life: This takes me back to the 1970s where the first thing you did, when you woke up, was wind your mechanical watch. Times have changed! You will be charging this daily.
  • Product Life: High quality watches last years. Apple will probably cover this watch for 2-3 yrs. The tech in it would get obsolete even earlier.
  • Standalone Device: It only works with an iPhone. On its own its useless, well its just a watch.
  • GPS: For at activity watch, at that price range, a built in GPS is needed. This needs your iPhone. Carrying an iPhone on a run (especially the bigger sized 6 and 6+) is a pain.
  • Water resistant: Not water proof, so no swimming or submerging it underwater for prolonged periods.
  • Productivity: Or Distraction? Seriously, is it that necessary to get an SMS or email notification on your watch?
So there will be the regular eager beavers who would line up to buy this watch. As for me, I will wait for the next iteration.