A technologist, I spearhead the Research and Development centre of a software company.

I specialize in the areas of Web Product Development leveraging Web 2.0, Transaction Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Application Integration and Financial Messaging. Have successfully developed Rules, Workflow and Matching engines.

A member of the systems and management team contributing a seasoned broad-based perspective to create product strategies and implementation plans focused on process compliance, software quality and maximizing customer satisfaction.
My friends also call me a gadget freak and I love playing with new gadgets and devices.

When I'm not working, I swim, bike and run. My current focus is on the Olympic and Half Iron distance Triathlon. Besides this I also run Half Marathons.

What intrigues me is the science behind endurance sports and the limits to which you can safely push your body. The right approach to fueling can make a difference between having a great race or a disastrous one. The hows and whys of maintaining a diet based on your training intensity to get you to your optimal racing weight.
The different types of training methodologies such as FIRST, Chi-Running, 80/20, Maffetone is something that I have read and experimented with.

I believe that continuous learning and experimentation is what makes you better and helps you excel.