Ipad 2 release

I've been eagerly waiting for the next generation of Apple's iPad to hit the market. And hopefully tomorrow (March 2, 2011) should reveal something exciting.

As mentioned in my previous post Apple would have to come up with something that would trump Google's Honeycomb.
The hardware pricing for the Honeycomb tablets could probably be an issue.
The XOOM is priced at $799 and $600 for the Wi-Fi only option as compared to the $729 and $599 for a 32GB IPad. Ofcourse the manufacturers can justify the pricing considering that their offering has more to offer as far as hardware is concerned. This could however change tomorrow.

One of the reason's I didn't jump onto the iPad bandwagon was because I felt it was incomplete. Apple released this early so as to get a hold of the market and in doing that compromised on certain features.

While the internet has been buzzing with guesstimates on what these features could be. Here is what I would want Apple to offer.
  • A front facing camera along with Facetime support. 
  • No back facing camera. I wont complain if the new iPad comes with one, but really don't see how you can click photographs and shoot videos using a 10 inch slab.
  • The iPad should become a standalone device much like a Laptop or a MacBook. This means ability to activate, download and backup data without having to connect to another device.
  • Cloud based synchronization similar to the Android Marketplace
  • Retina Display or rather a higher resolution display to enhance the movie and video calling experience.
  • More memory and processing power.
  • And true multitasking capabilities.
I also hope that IOS 4.3 is also showcased tomorrow. 

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