Apple vs Google

iCloud is coming and already everyone is talking about how great it will be. Fact of the matter is that there are literally thousands of vendors with cloud based solutions over the past 5 years.

Google, Salesforce, Amazon and to an extent even Microsoft have been providing cloud based solutions to their Customers.
But today I am going to speak about Google vs Apple and take up a non-technical key aspect when it comes to comparing the two. And that is the "message" that is given out to their Customers (both current and potential)

Apple went past Google to become the most valuable brand in the world and it has achieved this in a span of 5 years (since 2006 its brand has grown 859%).

Apple's message has been user centric. They focus on the simplicity and ease of use. Their message for iCloud was "It just works!" They did not focus on what server, what login, how one can save their data on the cloud. They have built it intrinsically into their apps and said that we as users dont need to worry about details. As geeks we may say that this is another way to tie you down to the Apple ecosystem but, normal users really dont care as far as the job is getting done.

Google on the other hand focuses on the technology aspect which overwhelms the average user. I have been using Google Apps for the past 3-4 yrs but people around me don't even know about it.  When I speak to people about it, the reaction I get is that of surprise. "Oh Google has documents and sheets like Microsoft office!" or "I didn't know I could use Gmail for my office". The minute one says "Google" people co-relate it to search. But the fact is that Google has been providing a much more advanced cloud based platform for everyday users for managing their productivity. However it seems that their message only gets through to geeks and not normal everyday users. 

Google has a clear advantage when it comes to their Cloud based offerings and the years that they have invested in it. However Apple has been more effective in marketing their message across.


  1. The way Google and Apple approach their branding is far different. Google does it silently and Apple is loud and clear. But, what we noticed with Apple is, their products most of the time are flawless. No matter what, Apple seems to always address minute details and is lot concerned about user experience.

  2. In short Google is innovative and Apple tries to make available things better :)