Nike Lunar Glide 6

Having done most my long distance runs in the ASICs Kayanos.  My initial reaction towards the Nike Lunar Glide 6 was that of skepticism since I found the shoe very light for a stability shoe. I also felt the upper inner lining would be inconvenient. However after the first runs those doubts were put to rest.

The shoe is an excellent stability shoe, with great arch support. The additional flywire loops for the laces holds the foot in place. The fore foot cushioning is a bit soft as compared to other stability shoes. I prefer a stiffer feel.

The toe box is nice and wide compared to other Nike models that I have used in the past. The upper layer is snug and was quite comfortable during my runs.(The trivial complaint here would be considering the rains and dust/gravel in Mumbai its pretty difficult to clean the shoes due to the upper mesh).

Even though I am more of mid foot runner, I tried running a couple of Kms(13kms to be exact) using a heel strike and found the heel cushioning pretty good.

In a nutshell this is a pretty good, light weight stability shoe that would benefit runners that need stability. However the shoe is not recommended for neutral pronation runners or runners who prefer a more natural ride..

Being a triathlete, I have even used them without socks (no blistering and pretty comfortable). I did most of my Half Iron Tri distance training/racing in it without socks.

Also did 4-5 trails runs in it and yes, cleaning it became a problem since dirt gets logged between the mesh and the inner lining.

Some other points to note:
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 10mm (17mm front and 27mm rear)
  • Stack height: 17mm

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